If you are a true nature lover, then a camping holiday in Slovenia is a good choice. Camping in Slovenia means enjoying the overwhelming flora and fauna to the fullest. From thundering waterfalls to crystal clear lakes, Slovenia has it all. 

All about Slovenia

In Slovenia Allcamps offers for example the absolute top campsite Terme Catez. This campsite has a huge water park with exciting slides, rapids and whirlpools. Also the active holidaymaker will have a great time here. For example, there is a large indoor sports and recreation centre in the accompanying hotel. 

From this campsite in Slovenia it is possible to visit the cities of Ljubljana and Zagreb. In addition, the immediate vicinity of the campsite is ideal for making beautiful walks and cycling trips.

Practical information about Slovenia

Capital of Luxembourg: Ljubljana

Currency: Euro (EUR)

Time difference: None with the Netherlands

Number of inhabitants: Approx. 2 million

Religion: 57.8% Catholic, the rest falls under other

Form of government: Republic

The language in Slovenia

Slovenian is spoken in Slovenia. Italian and Hungarian are also spoken. 

The climate in Slovenia

The southwest of Slovenia has a Mediterranean climate that changes inland into a temperate maritime climate. In the higher areas there is a moderate continental climate.

Transport in Slovenia

Slovenia has a good and extensive motorway network. Furthermore, Slovenia has an international airport near the capital Ljubljana. You will need a vignet to drive on the Slovenian highway. 

The food in Slovenia

Slovenia has for a small country a varied cuisine with delicious dishes. Among the national specialties are the pasta Zlikrofi and the delicious pumpkin seed oil. Slovenian cuisine has many influences from neighboring countries. Austrian and Croatian dishes can be found here. Especially the grill dishes are popular in Slovenia.

Places to visit in Slovenia

In Slovenia, nature is key. You can visit the beautiful lake of Bled. This crystal-clear lake is known for its small island with its church. Take a boat trip around the lake and see the church up close. From our campsites in Slovenia you can also visit the Croatian capital Zagreb. Ljubljana is also easily accessible by car. This city is known for its versatility. 

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