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Food and culture in general

It was in Greece that the culture of building, philosophy, politics, literature and art was born. The most beautiful ancient buildings, reminiscent of the greatness of our ancestors, were preserved in the best condition in Greece. So many myths about Greek gods and heroes originated there. Despite the scorching sun, millions of tourists return to this country every year and are enchanted by its cultural and natural richness. How can one resist these turquoise warm waters with picturesque horizons and fine white sandy beaches? On every beach there are bars with refreshing drinks and typical Greek snacks. Food with freshly pressed olive oil, exquisite wine, lots of fresh vegetables, tomatoes, peppers and herbs are the best combination for hot summer dishes. Mild and warm climate positively influences the year-round availability of fresh vegetables and fruits. Warm evenings with a glass of Greek wine will make your best dreams come true.