Campsites Santander

On the north coast of Spain (on the Bay of Biscay) you will find the Spanish city of Santander, capital of the Cantabrian region. The city is surrounded by 'green' mountains, the 'blue' sea and 'golden yellow' beaches. 

Camping holidays near Santander

The city is also surrounded by many attractions; on several sides of the city are the green mountains and steep cliffs of the Cantabrian coast. Due to the influence of the sea, Santander has a mild maritime climate in both winter and summer; on the one hand, Santander has the popular beaches in summer, but on other days a fresh sea breeze can blow, accompanied by the necessary showers that linger over the region, as the clouds linger through the mountain massif of the Picos de Europa and the Cordillera Cantabria. The weather in Cantabria can therefore change considerably and for many surfers the beaches of Santander with high waves are a highlight.

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Camping Playa Joyel

Camping Playa Joyel