Book Tendi glamping tents with Allcamps

If you are looking for a camping holiday full of luxury, book a glamping tent from Tendi! At Allcamps you will find a wide range of luxury tents on the best campsites in Europe, with their own kitchen, comfortable beds, and a cosy terrace, and some tents even have their own bathroom! Furthermore, count on activities, nature, and beautiful experiences, because Tendi has selected the most popular campsites for their tents. So head to Sweden, Germany, France, or Italy and enjoy a camping holiday that is just a little bit different from the rest. Tendi is one of the many partners Allcamps works with. At Allcamps, you can book luxury safari lodge tents from Tendi online so you can be sure of your place at the campsite with Tendi. Go on a glamping holiday with Allcamps! You will find safari lodge tents at no fewer than 29 campsites. You will be welcomed by the campsite's own reception and the staff will take you to your accommodation. Even if you have questions or need more tips about the area, the reception can almost always help you! Tendi's safari lodge tents are specially selected for you and meet all Allcamps' strict selection requirements. And at Allcamps you pay no reservation costs! Below are the most popular Tendi campsites:

Glamping with Tendi at Allcamps

Glamping is a luxury form of camping, where you do not have to compromise on luxury and comfort, even though you are on a camping holiday. You get all the best of a camping holiday with nature, activities, and family togetherness, without having to compromise on the quality of your accommodation. This is because Tendi offers well-appointed tents with real floors, box-spring mattresses, and a full kitchen. You will find Tendi tents on several of Allcamp's most popular campsites in Europe.

Choose from different types of tents

There are three types of tents: safari tent, safari tent with bathroom and lodge tent with bathroom, which vary in size. The glamping tents are made of robust and waterproof material and are fully equipped. In the kitchen you will find a gas cooker, a fridge with freezer and all the necessary utensils you will need during your glamping holiday. Also included are electric lamps and sockets for charging your electronic devices.

Camping in Europe with Tendi

You will find Tendi tents on carefully selected campsites in the most beautiful areas of Europe. The areas are very diverse and spread over several European countries, so you can have a camping holiday that suits your tastes and preferences. Tendi offers glamping in the popular camping countries of France and Italy. You can also enjoy Tendi's accommodations in Germany and Sweden.